Puerto Rico to Culebra

The most convenient way to get from Puerto Rico to Culebra is by plane from San Juan International airport (SJU). Another option is to take a taxi to the ferry dock and then a passenger ferry to Culebra Island.

You can also travel from Vieques. There are short flights available from Vieques to Culebra in the morning that return to Vieques in the afternoon.

Fly to Culebra

Flying from SJU Airport to CPX Airport (Culebra Island) takes around 25 minutes and you need to check in 30-45 minutes before flight. The cost is approximately $115 per person (one way).

Insiders' Tip: You can take a taxi from San Juan International (SJU) to Isla Grande Airport (SIG) for approximately $20. The flight from Isla Grande Airport to Culebra is approximately $70 per person (one way). So the cost to get to Culebra would be $90 if you are travelling alone.

passenger ferry
Ferry to Culebra

Ferry to Culebra

The ferry to Culebra is an inexpensive way to get to the island, however with the cost of a taxi from the airport to the Fajardo Ferry Teriminal and the time involved, flying is often the best option.

Taxi - A publico (taxi) from SJU to Fajardo Ferry Terminal is approximately $80 (one way). It takes 1 hour and is the same price for 1-2 people, after that it is usually an additional $5 per person charge.

Ferry - The ferry from Fajardo to Culebra Island is $2.25 per person (one way). It takes 1 to 1½ hours depending on conditions, however you need to be there 1 hour in advance to purchase a ticket, lines can be long and ferries can be delayed due to weather, etc.

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