Flamenco Beach

strolling on flamenco beach
Flamenco beach

Culebra's beaches are pristine and preserved and Flamenco beach is the star of the show. Often noted as one of the world's best beaches, Playa Flamenco is an expansive mile long white sand beach with egress to coral reefs teeming with marine life.

snorkeling spots, flamenco beach - culebra, puerto rico
Snorkeling spots

Snorkeling on Flamenco beach is easlily accessed from the left hand side of the beach where you can swim out to the coral reefs. At the far right of the beach where the sand ends, a rock/reef system starts that is teeming with hard corals and marine life.

The reef on the right goes deeper and has a stronger current therefore it is for more advanced snorkelers. Enter between the row of rocks before the sand ends, be careful of the current and as always snorkel with a buddy.